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Swyft Sofas, Sofa Beds and Chairs

Here at fairfax thomson interiors we are delighted to be working with Swyft for their sofas, sofa beds and chairs. Their furniture pieces are perfect for rooms that have limited space or have tricky access. Contemporary designs with a hint of traditional their furniture construction is such that they can be delivered 'in a box' and the assembly is easy, fast and tool free. A huge plus point is that for their core colours delivery can be as quick as 24hrs !

What we add is the High Street Showroom and the face to face Customer Service. We can discuss your choices, guide you through the range of fabrics, show you a piece of furniture and all for exactly the same Internet price including any promotions that are current.

Now tell me that is not a perfect proposition?

Model 01.png

Model 01

A classic mid century sofa and the first collection in the Swyft offering. The aim was simple: provide comfort, quality and convenience without compromise. Ideal for renters, flat-owners, first time buyers and those with limited space.

Model 02.jpeg

Model 02

02 has a large focus on appearance and greater emphasis on comfort. The aesthetics were carefully designed to ensure the finished product was a statement. We achieved this by offering a wooden plinth, bolster cushions, piped and pulled seam detailing as well as foam-filled cushions. 

Model 03.jpeg

Model 03

The Modular 03 was created to be a sofa distinctly different from the previous Models, both in appearance and the way it would be used. Designed a low lounger with a relaxed, loungy vibe… almost bohemian. Being modular it gives you control over how you populate your space. It’s lazy, low maintenance and wants to be lived on.

Model 04.jpeg

Model 04

It is often thought that sofa beds are a highly compromised choice but with Model 04 things are different. The ultimate sofa bed, so good when you're lying on it wouldn't know it's a sofa, and when it's all folded up you wouldn't know its a bed.

Model 05.png

Model 05

Model 05 is modern, bold and curvaceous and designed to follow Swyft’s contemporary and minimalist style, with a domed, curved shape that's perfect for sinking into.

Model 06.jpeg

Model 06

A highly versatile style that means it’s perfect in any interior, from a city apartment to a country home. The timeless, yet tailored look references Italian design, with slim profiles, deep proportions and refined detailing.

Model 07.jpeg

Model 07

The aim for Model 07 was to take the best features of classic stlye and combine them with contemporary comfort.  Classic sloped arms combine with luxuriously comfortable seat cushions to create look at can work in from everything from period homes to new apartments.

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