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Cotswolds Curtains & Interiors

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fairfax thomson interiors is delighted to be partnering with Cotswolds Curtains & Interiors led by Lesley Duro and her team of artisan seamstresses at their studio in Dursley. Lesley’s 45 years’ experience at the highest level of curtain-making ensures complete satisfaction.


Her company’s excellent reputation is well established in the Cotswolds for its beautiful window treatments and soft furnishings, whether traditional or contemporary. Combined with its impeccable customer service and client care, we couldn't wish for a better partner.

Cotswolds Curtains & Interiors -


Paul Day

Sculpture for interior design, fairfax thomson interiors Interior Designers Cirencester Cotswolds

Paul Day is a world renown sculptor with his public pieces marking or celebrating important people or events such as The Queen Mother, the Battle of Britian and most recently Vera Lynn.

We got to know Paul when we were in France and he had his Studio not far from us in Beaune. On our return to the UK we continue to work with Paul and use his artworks as part of our design schemes and help clients select from his wider portfolio for garden and estate installations.

Miles Johnson

Ceramics for fairfax thomson interiors Interior Design

In Miles's own words "My work is building strength through shape and form. Each piece holds itself in an expressive way, like tailored clothing. I’ve worked with clay for the last six years. For twenty years I’ve been designing with textiles. From designing clothing I know how the cloth fits the body and how the flow drapes the form".


In our Cirencester Showroom we have a range of representative pieces by Miles - Raku fired pieces, Tea Bowls, Beakers, Mups (not a traditional mug, not a traditional cup), Vases and Bowls along his signature 'Stand Tall' abstract figures. All telling a story, all unique, all crafted with passion and energy.

Nick Robatto

In Nick's own words "In all my pieces I try to create a rolling shape with movement, curves and contrasting hard edges. I mostly use grogged stoneware clays to achieve texture; the pieces are then sometimes left unglazed to show the clay in its natural finish. However often a glaze will be partially applied to contrast with the clay. I use several different methods for glaze application, including spraying, dipping, brushing and pouring."


In our Cirencester Showroom we have a range of representative pieces - Vases and bowls that have the tell-tale 'fingerprint' unique to Nick's work of the sea and the coast.

Ceramics for fairfax thomson interiors Interior Design
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